About Us

Planning to invest in a new lifestyle?
We can be your local Real Estate Advisor, ensuring a safe and reliable journey at all necessary steps.
We are a real estate advisory company based in Lisbon, offering a personalised and reliable service to all our clients who wish to understand the advantages of an investment in the real estate sector in Portugal.

BMG REAL ESTATE ADVISORS offers a unique set of investment and property consultancy. In addition to a selected real estate portfolio, BMG focuses on the specific objectives of each of its clients, offering personalised advice in purchase / sale business.

Headquartered in Lisbon with a multidisciplinary and professional team, BMG research specific solutions, identifies opportunities that are not yet of public knowledge and review investment opportunities, for which offers legal advice, in partnership with leading lawyers.


Ethics, transparency and personalised service are the foundation of our success and defines who we are and how we move in the real estate sector. The constant analysis of the market combined with the deep knowledge we hold of it, allows us to advise expeditiously, founded and discreet.

The proximity that we dedicate to customers begins the moment buying or selling is only an hypothesis until the process is finished, turning initial contacts in to partnerships. Most of clients know our work well and have long-standing relations to our consultants.


The focus in achieving the objectives of the clients and the constant evolution in the way we approach the market, are guaranteeing a success we share with you!


M. (+351) 912 896 770

José Veiga Ramos

Partner / Business Advisor

M. (+351) 938 234 923

Carlos Farinha

Real Estate Advisor

M. (+351) 912 091 051

Rafael Santos

Real Estate Advisor